Louisa May

First Impressions

Lovely Louisa May has exceptionally big natural tits and they are awfully hard to resist. They´re all over the tour so she´s working hard to turn you on. She shows pictures and videos of her in sexy outfits, in the nude, stripping, and more. She also teases with a lot of Japanese manga related stuff. She likes the cute costumes and the always innocent-but-dirty looks Japanese girls have on their faces when they make porn. The tour even features Japanese-style text and a few anime pictures of Louisa. It´s really interesting but nothing is better than those big beautiful tits.

Hot Promises

Louisa May wants you to know that her tits are real big and all natural. She also promises us hot lesbian action, stockings, lingerie, and big tits, of course. The manga action is promised multiple times and you get a preview of several of the costumes. She promises to get fully nude so I suppose you´ll get to see her pussy. There are thousands of pictures, DVD quality videos, and bonus content with hardcore sex. She promises to update regularly and on the tour page they have information on when the content as last updated.


At the moment there are several things that Louisa May is promising to deliver but has yet to do. These include webcam shows, a message board, a blog, self shot pictures of Louisa and her girlfriends, and her mobile phone number so you can text her dirty messages. If she actually delivered on all of those things it would be the greatest solo girl site in existence. I would suspect she won´t actually bring those things to her members but we can always hope and dream.

There´s still plenty here to admire. There are 59 picture galleries so far and the busty babe really brings the pleasure in each. She adds a new image set once a week and has done so since the site launched. You can download each big tit picture gallery in a zip file and you get two resolution choices when browsing online. The highest quality is 1600px and the regular is 800px. The pictures feature good composition and lighting and you´ll rarely come across blurriness or shots where Louisa isn´t doing exactly what she should be. There´s a lot of eye contact and it always looks great.

There isn´t much variation in locations. It looks like most of the galleries are done in her house (or the photographer´s house) and there´s a lot of white. That leads to a sense of blandness but since Louisa is so busty and gorgeous it rarely matters. The pictures you saw on the tour are a good indication of what dominates the member´s area.

Louisa May really likes costumes and it pays off in a big way for you. These costumes include nurses, schoolgirls, waitresses, French maids, and more. In addition to the sexy costumes you get lots of galleries where she puts on a tight t-shirt or a sexy tank top and shows off her big tits. The costume sets are my favorite thing about the site, in particular the schoolgirl looks. There´s always pleasure to be had when you´re checking out a busty brunette schoolgirl with a hot ass and plenty of lust to offer. Who wouldn´t want to hit that?

The big tits are everything they should be and more. Louisa has what I would call a mildly curvy body. She has a fairly big ass and just a little extra flesh around the stomach. That all fits very well with her rather enormous natural tits and they are absolutely fantastic to admire. She brings them out nude in every picture and video set and the big tits are the reason to join her site. She plays with them, she shows us the hard nipples, and she gets wonderfully turned on. She has a cute little tattoo above her pussy and to the left that you can check out in some of the high resolution pictures.

There are 58 videos that can be downloaded in high definition. They play at 1080p and they look fantastic. Most are less than five minutes long and they show her being cute just like the picture galleries. Except for one case there´s a video for every picture set. The movies are awesome in two particular cases. The lesbian action is the first. Seeing two big breasted chicks kiss, suck titty, caress, fondle, and play with pussy a little bit is always awesome. The sets where Louisa actively plays with and jiggles her boobs are terrific too. They are impossible to resist and will drive you wild with desire. I wish the movies were a little longer though.

The biggest issue with Louisa May is the complete lack of interaction with the model. Based on the dates attached to the content sets the site has been online since May 2010. That´s basically four months. If she was going to do webcam shows, a blog, a message board, etc, wouldn´t she already have done those things? Just because it´s posted that she wants to add that stuff doesn´t mean anything. Sites lie about stuff all the time. Until she adds those extra features that any truly high quality solo site needs then her site is lacking.

Members get access to three bonus sites when they join. Each site features young chicks with big dicks showing it off. The busty babes are heavenly and the extra sites make this a decent value. The guest model section features 47 picture galleries of other hotties from around the web. They´re really just advertisements for those other sites and most of the galleries are small so it´s not great bonus content. They have free daily videos from other sites they´re selling as well. The bonus feeds section allows you to stream big boob hardcore movies. It´s decent stuff but it´s non-exclusive and if you really want big boob hardcore there are hundreds of sites better suited to your needs.

Croco´s Opinion

Louisa May has the foundation for something excellent here. She´s beautiful with brown hair, big tits, milky white skin, and a gorgeous pair of lips. She likes playing with girls and playing solo. She loves modeling costumes and showing off her big nude tits and her fresh pussy. She loves to tease and arouse and she´s good at all of it. The 59 picture galleries and 58 videos are terrific, high quality, and the collection is frequently updated. The problem is the complete lack of interaction with the model. Without that it´s simply not the best solo girl site it can be. Those things are promised but if they´re not in place yet they´re not likely to ever be in place. The first month price of $34.95 is too expensive as well. In fact, rebilling at $29.95 for a site that lacks interaction is a stretch.


Getting around the site is easy with a simple navigation bar and well designed photo galleries.

Pricing Policy

It´s $34.95 for the first month and $29.95 for every month after that.

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